Get Closer to Nature with Environmentally Friendly Pots and Plants.

Natural Handmade Producs & Plants

Signature Line Planter Pots for Outdoor and Indoor Use

These pieces are each designed and molded by Phyllis Hills. Each Signature Line Planter is signed and individually handcrafted by the artist. 

All Signature Line Planters are made of.50% Recycled Newsprint.mixed with cement and vermiculite.

A large variety from Large Sculptured Pots to small air plant holders. The large pieces are only available at Art shows. 

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Planters Made From Recycled Paper For Outside or Indoor Use

Made from recycled newspaper. Many sizes available. These are made with  molds and are offered online, in our store locations and at craft shows. They are not available at Fine Art Shows.


The planter pots in both Signature line and retail line are made out of 50% recycled newsprint mixed with cement and vermiculite. The cement makes the planters as strong as a sidewalk. They can be used outdoors and inside. They absorb water so the plants love them.

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